Mostly Asked Questions :

1. What is the Actual Work ?
     its Simple, Just Copy the Ad content Given in your member Area and paste into the given Free classified Websites.

 2. Qualification Required for this Job? 
    Basic Internet & Computer Knowledge is Enough to do this Job.

3. How much can I earn? 
    its purely depends on your skill, and you can earn by  posting the ADS as much as you can.

4. When will i receive my Payment ?
You will be paid, Once you reach the minimum payout of Rs.3000/-

5. How will i  receive my Payment?
Your Earnings amount will be Paid thru Cheque to your address or By Online Net Transfer (NEFT) to Your Bank Account.

Is there any Limit or Target?
No, there is no limit in submitting ADs. you can submit any number of ADs daily. At the Same time, there is no Target in this job. You can submit as per your ability and there is no compulsion to work daily. you can work on your own Timings.   

7. Is there any Age Limit?
Yes, People who have aged between 18- 50 yrs can Join this Work.

8. Is the Membership fees Refundable ? 
    No, the membership fees are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable to any other person. 

9. What about Membership Fee?
Rs.999/- which is Very Low when Comparing to other Job providing Companies.   Also, your membership will be  Valid For One Year


Can i See the Demo Work ?
  Yes, Look at the Below Slide to Understand the Simple Copy Paste Work which you will do in your member Area.

What will be the minimum Income ?
           Just Check your Ability that how much you can Work and Earn. Calculate your Daily & Monthly Earnings By just typing the number of Ads you can Submit Daily.
Calculate Your Earnings

    Type No. of ADS you can Submit per day

  x Rs. 10

   Your Minimum Earnings / Day will be

/ Per day

  Your Minimum Earnings / Month will be

/ Per month

   Note: We hope, Normal user can Post 100 Ads Daily by Spending 1-2 hrs.

How to Join this Work?

1. Register now by Clicking the Join Now Button.

2. Your membership details will be Couriered  to your registered Address.

3. By Using the Membership details, Login to the member account.

4. START the work by Copy & pasting Adcontent given to you.

5. Earn Rs.4/- for Each copy paste work. Normally you can do Minimum 100 copy paste works daily.

6. Get Your Payments Monthly thru Cheque / NEFT online Transfer.